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. time frame was immediately. >> you and your pit bulls out at the gardens. why there is a lawsuit over this. >> a new storm system headed our direction. how will it impact your weekend? >> i think he expected to be killed and i think he wanted to be killed. >> the teen accused of a shooting goes to court. >> and beautiful day on this weekend. let's make a trip to rocky point. thes in starts right now. >> we start off with breaking news. police onto scene of a double shooting tonight. >> they -- two men were shot, police are still out gathering evidence and talking to potential witnesses. >> good morning maryland starting at 4:30 a.m. >> and we go across town where you are out, but not without a
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[inaudible]. >> if joe doesn't give up his pit bull he will be out of his apartment. >> he is in the same situation as hundreds, possibly thousands of people. get rid of your dog or get out of your home. its from a ruling earlier this year calling pit bulls dangerous and finding that landlords can be sued if their tenant's pit bull bites someone this is one of the first impact its we have seen, it's a letter sent to every resident reading if you have a pit bull or cross bred pit bull mix you must get rid of it immediately. charles edwards is representing joe who has lived here since 2008 and who owns this dog which mayor ney not be a pit bull. >> it can be anything. i know it when i see it. >> reporter: he has no plans to
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get rid of his dog. >> he considers it part his family. >> reporter: and his options are limited. >> a lot of them are low income or no income that are relying on the homes for shelter. they couldn't go out in to the open market and get a home because they couldn't afford it. >> reporter: the attorney has filed a lawsuit in court asking for an injunction against the state and the apartments arguing that the right to due process is being violated and that his property is being unfairly taken from him. >> what's in the best interest of the community may be to ban pit bulls and anything that looks like one but they do that understanding that it's not in the best interest of each of the individuals who will be homeless. >> reporter: that ruling from the court of appeals applies statewide so the apartment is the first one we are hearing about but it's unlikely to be the last. the attorney said we will hear
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later this month more about the injunction to try to stop the apartments from removing pit bulls there. while the lawsuit goes forward. abc 2news. >> let's go outside. another picture perfect day. look at this. view from the new weatherbug camera at the tidewater marina. after this you go across the street for ice cream. here is wyatt with a look at your overnight forecast. >> may take the train across. we love to see them go. beautiful conditions today. quiet and clear and a warmer afternoon than we have seen the last several days. we reached the low 80e.81 baltimore, 86 in frederick. those numbers were warmer today. tomorrow will be back temperature wise. maybe not quite as sunny. new front pushing in. that will cloud us up late through the day tomorrow. maybe bring shower around here tomorrow evening before we clear it out again for the
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weekend. hour by hour into the midday tomorrow we are talking abouta increased clouds around here. we will talk about how the rest of the weekend develops in detail. >> new tonight in this day and age, to have your power knocked out for five or more days because of a storm is not acceptable. that's what we have been hearing from you. ken who is the boss of bge said if you want a different outcome then we are going to have to make a different deployment and it'll add cost significantly. in other words if we don't pay for changes don't expect power with in 24 hours after a hurricane like storm. >> students headed back to class at morgan state a day after a shooting inside the community center. police say both the victim and gunman were not morgan state students. the university held a meeting today to discuss what happened and how they plan to secure the campus moving forward. morgan is an open campus, it's
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nearly impossible to keep outsiders away but there are plans to increase surveillance. >> we also will be moving forward in partnership with the city of baltimore to put in cameras that would be on the edge of the campus. >> now in addition to the cameras, the university will be increasing the security presence in buildings across campus. the student center in particular. >> robert gladden the 15-year- old charged with shooting a student at perry hall was in court today. kept his head down, with his hair covering his facen. court we heard the teen was on suicide watch. jeff with his attorney who said his client is sorry. >> reporter: the shooting at perry hall prompted a full scale evacuation and nearly cost a 17-year-old his life. some suggested that bullying had driven the alleged gunman, robert gladden junior to bring
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the gun to school. his attorney said that the teen didn't mean to hurt anyone but himself. >> i think he expected to be killed and i thk he desired to be killed. i think that's the reality of this case. recall he sent a text message to the effect this is his first day of school and last day of his life. his conduct invited the armed police officer present to shoot him. >> reporter: he entered the courtroom with shackles. he never spoke during the proceeding, his attorney said he has shown remorse for his victim and for his actions on that day. >> he asked about the well being of the child that was hurt. we said -- he said that he would like to meet the child or his parents and express his regret for his behavior. now, you are hearing my words,
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not his, that's what he said to us. >> reporter: his attorneys have asked the judge to transfer his case to juvenile court arguing at 15 he acted as a child and doesn't want an adult punishment. >> there were two shots. i'm not sure he appreciates the sequence. i'm not suggests that someone else forced him to pull the trigger. i think he was in a state of extreme stress and his recall of the incident is far from perfect. >> reporter: that was jeff reporting. the suicide by cop defense could be complicated by questions about the 21 shells that he brought to school and why he loaded before going inside the cafeteria. you have a full summary on the website. if you want the latest information or you want to read on what happened log onto the website. >> more sad news for the harper county sheriff.
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days after leaving a deputy in a car crash tonight they loose another. he died thursday. the sheriff's office said he had a heart attack after attending the funeral of the fallen colleague. he died at home. he was a 16 year veteran of the sheriff's office. and tonight a baltimore family makes a tearful plea for your help. they are looking for the person responsible for killing the guy that everybody called big fred, he was known in the aau circles and as a leader for his family. he dropped off his son at barbershop and then after 10:00 he was found just a feet away from his running car. he had been shot several times and left for dead. he was taken to the hospital where he died. his family just hopes someone saw something. >> all we ask as a family to the public if you seen anything
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last saturday night, please call in the information. he was a good guy, goodman, good father, good brother, good friend. >> police say they have little to go on. they are asking anyone who may have seen anything to contact the police. >> just think, when the orioles clinch, manny isn't old enough to drink the champagne. he was the star again today for this single in the bottom of the 14th to give the orioles a 3-2 win in the sweep over tampa bay. last night he made a great defensive play. the orioles flew out to oakland to start the three game set. yankees won but the orioles are still tied for first place. one thing for a team that's expected to win to win but it's a lot more fun when a team you don't expect to win wins and gives us a summer like this. we are all caught up in the quitement of birds baseball. 25,000 it out.
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everybody decked out in orange. last time they made the playoffs we had ripkin, this year we have jones, manny and hardy. >> yes. just don't tell their teachers. i had to. we are in first place. it's a great time to come down. >> i love the orioles, the ravens, the city is charged up. we love our city. >> absolutely. orioles in oakland and then seattle, then boston, then back home on the 24th again. the toronto blue jay its. we want to see your orange pride. send your pictures to pix at and we will post them on the slide show. >> you see it to often in maryland's waterways, trash floating in the harbors. >> one group will try to do something this weekend. tony reports on a global effort you can join.
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. >> rocky point -- you can't beat the fishing. >> got off to high tide. 5:15. waiting for advice. >> reporter: looking for a stripeer at her favorite spot. the one thing she isn't seeing a lot of trash because of the fishermen guarding the river. >> we will be back. come back and clean it up. railroads even as pretty as the park looks, if you look closer, it gets ugly. >> yes. there you go. it's a tree bag. >> reporter: bags, bottle the, wrappers, the under brush is littered with litter. >> every place is a water shed so you could be downtown baltimore and if you drop trash it eventually will find a stream and river and will end up in the bay. >> reporter: that's why jerry organizes sites all over our
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area for clean up. she has been volunteering at clean up sites for almost 20 years. here in maryland and the rest of the world cheerled say the top pollution is cigarette butts. they gathered 5,000 pounds last year. >> they don't think. it's like at the beach where people throw them in the sand. i wish i -- we found birds that had them in their stomachs because they died from them. they think its food. >> reporter: after that the most common trash is caps and lids and plastic bottles. you get weird stuff too. >> toilet, part of a boat. >> reporter: really weird stuff too. >> don't know what this is. do not --. >> i won't. >> reporter: you don't know what you will find. grab the kids, enjoy the weather and as one likes to say get out and save the bay. >> when you are around this long enough and you see the kind of things that you see just in the time you are here, you want to get involved. you can't help it.
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>> reporter: in rocky point. abc 2news. >> feel like picking up trash. >> good family activity. >> for a list of clean up site we set a lining up on the website to help, get out and clean it up. >> all right. also in the news, middle east and africa remain on high alert. . >> this after the embassy in libya was attacked four were killed. >> and you can use the weather app on the i-phone or droid to see the radar and interact with it. here is the rain. >> and you have seen us promoting a new show we have on the air next week called the list. we will tell you what it's all about when we come back.
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. latest now on the middle east where the military is react together 52ly attack on americans in libya.
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a navy destroyer is now in the waters off the coast and a second war ship is on the way. . and dozens of marines will shore up security there around the embassy. >> we have the latest. >> reporter: protest continue from sunrise through sunset. the anger and violence sweeping the middle east is over a anti muslim film made in the united states . >> this video is disgusting. >> reporter: the united states is also condemning the violence in egypt, yemin and libya where the ambassador and three others were killed. while several arrests have been made a lodger spotlight is onto its's relationship with egypt. >> i don't think that we would consider them an ally but we don't consider them enemies. >> reporter: they have sent
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billions in aid to egypt only to find protesters scaling the walls of the embassy. authorities say that the writer, director and financialer of the movie lives in this los angeles home. >> there was some need for our presence to be here to provide is a member of the egyptian christian coptic church and spent time in prison. >> i never heard mohammed. >> reporter: the actress said she was duped and there was no message of an anti islamic message. >> i didn't know. >> reporter: at least 51 embassies have sent out warnings to united states citizens asking them to be aware and avoid large crowds. abc news los angeles. >> new tonight the fda warning
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people about serious burns from tropical pain relievers. they received more than 40 reports of skin injuries from over-the-counter products. injuries ranged from mild to severe burns. the number of cases were small in comparison to the number of people who use them but if you experience any burning you need to seek medical attention. >> the federal reserve announced efforts to try to boost the economy revealing a third round of bond buying. it said it plans to buy $40 million a month. they will also extend short term interest rates now at record lows to the middle of 2015. starting next week two new shows here. one of them called the list and it starts monday. >> our lives resolve around lists. tonight we take a peek at what you can expect from the new
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list. >> reporter: an exciting new show this fall. >> the list is little bit of news, bit of pop culture. consumer issues, it's taking the days news and tearing up the headlines and look at stories you may know about but in a different unexpected way. >> reporter: we went behind the scene was the new host of the list doing a photograph shoot as they prepared to launch their new show. >> i love you that get a little taste of the country with the show. everybody sort of brings something different to the mix and i think the most important person of the team is the writer, dave hanson. he wrote for jay leno. >> reporter: an emmy award winning writer and author who made a name for herself said they want to do something different. >> there are a lot of entertainment shows that are interesting, however do i need
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to go t-shirt shopping kindl jeopardy kindl jenner? i think i have enough information about the khardasians and maybe i want to learn some in things. >> something that's exinclusive at 7:00 probably happened at noon and i would say 85% of the people know about it. you know so, our -- i think looking at our approach it's great because we are taking a you know this is happening, but let's talk about it from this way. > lists because you are either angry that thing you love isn't at the top, on the list, or you are happy because if is on the list. >> reporter: it premieres september 17th. >> and you can watch the list right here on abc 2news at 7:00. it starts monday night. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> let's start off with a look at this front that's on the
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move right now and the bottom line is this. this is the system that will be impacting us across the state as we go into tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. here is that line and -- already putting the rain down across the upper midwest. that front is on the way. want to talk about our new hdabc2 weatherbug camera. looking from hartford across into cecil county. beautiful start. little fog on the river. look at that. rolls in, then we get that fog lifting, sun on tap throughout the afternoon and into the afternoon. not a cloud in the sky. man, just beautiful weather and then we push toward sunset this evening and we see some nice improvement out there. how about back here in baltimore. more sun as well and again all across maryland today it was a beautiful kind of day. no question about that. tonight very nice. 60 degrees. humidity at 80% but the dew point number 54.
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moisture in the area comfortable. increased cloud cover. about 11:00, clouds roll in. tomorrow evening we could see showers in western maryland but the project is for those to fizzle out. i just have a feeling that nothing more than a stray shower or two tomorrow night. then into saturday, conditions look clear and pleasant. in the big picture, fairly impressive line of sures from michigan back down through oklahoma. large frontal boundary. we get those a lot in september. a chance, certainly on saturday as breezy conditions move in but i think we will top out in the upper 70's and same deal on sunday. so light breezes around but i think great weather if you happen to be headed up i-95,
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let's talk about it. the eagles game with the ravens, unusual match up we will take it. 70 with sun. a kickoff of 1:00 in philadelphia. i think it'll be a nice, nice day for some football up there in the city of brotherly love. maybe they won't be so happy seeing the ravens come to town. nadine still in the atlantic. projections keep it out to sea. i think it's a nonevent but we will see how to goes tomorrow and through the weekend. overnight 56, clear with cool patchy fog in the morning. cloudy skies tomorrow, 83, and let look at the seven day forecast, outstanding weekend forecast. maybe a stray shower friday evening. especially west of baltimore. then sun and 70s through the weekend. saturday through the weekend. weekend outlook great but next week we look for more changes. better chances for rain. >> all right. thank you. don't go to bed just yet. more coming your way. >> here is terry moran with
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what you will see. >> coming up on night line we have the latest on the attacks at united states embassies across the middle east as this protest spread over a mysterious anti muslim film made here in america. and mcdonalds will post calorie counts on menu's nationwide. you think it'll make a dent in the war on fat? anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
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but it'll become so much more.
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a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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. guide dogs, this one is helping out a four legged friend. they go around to keep them from bumping into stuff.
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their story made the news and dozens applied to adopt them this have a new mom now, tanner has had eye surgery and seeing better and mom said they are both doing great. >> you have to -- that's nice. >> yeah. >> good. >> like that -- lending a helping paw. >> yeah it's that's it. >> quick check of the weather. good stuff over night. maybe a little fog in the morning, for the morning drive. other than that 80s. sun midday. there will be the chance of a shower late tomorrow evening. i really think most of that will hold off and we will be left with a good-looking weekend around here in the upper 70's. great september weather. that's what i'm calling.
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. let's enjoyed the weekend. >> we have the victory today. a victory on sunday. >> all right. >> can't wait to see your helicopter flight --. >> i know. >> helicopter to philadelphia. hold on tight. >> ravens fans. >> we will see you. >> have a good one. 1nw
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